Music Recommendation Engine

Our powerful and flexible recommendation engine to build advanced, hyper-personal user music experiences. Let's make your users listen to music they'll love.

Key capabilities

personalized playlists & radios

Powered by a user model that encaptures your users’ musical tastes, our recommendation engine crafts unique playlists tailored specifically for each of your users. Music discovery tailored for everyone.

mood & activity playlisting

Lifestyle contextualization at scale. We give you the tools to build Moment Playlists (workout, chilling ...) personalized for each user. Deliver music based on what your users do and feel to build the soundtrack of their life.

Adaptive Personalized Radio

Our personalized radio experience incorporates listening activity (plays, skips) and user feedback (bans, like, favorites) to fine tune the end user music experience in real-time.


Deliver Personalized, Scalable Radios & playlists

Build a nuanced, unique experience for all your users

Flexibility, Control And Real time

Tune your users’ experience in real-time with feedback and programmatic tools

A Turn-key Solution Packed in a Single API

Years of research in Music Technology and Deep learning is packed in our solution

How it works ?

Push Your Music. Our Technology Analyzes It. Start Powering Your System with Niland Technology.

What our clients say
martin nedved

We 've been using this API as a backend for our website for months now. The similar tracks feature is simply amazing !

Eric Petrotto, CEO of 1Dtouch

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