Music Search Engine

Our Music Search Engine is powered by AI that understands music. Designed for Production Music libraries, distributors or publishers, Niland API makes it simpler to access and clean up your incredible content. Let's make sense of your music and unlock the potential of your catalog.

Key capabilities

Audio search

Sometimes words just don’t capture what you’re looking for. With Niland API, build the perfect audio-search. Use any song as a seed for a search. Drop a track link or upload an mp3. We return tracks that sound the same within your catalog.

Related Tracks

We automatically surface all the tracks that are similar within your catalog. You can recommend tracks similar to the ones your clients already like. Help your customers find what they want.

Search by automatic tags

Once we’ve extracted all the data such as mood, type of voice, instrumentation, genre and tempo, you can search within these hundreds of keywords. Custom tags can be developed on demand.


Build the Best Music Search Experience

Easy access to tracks means more conversion on your website

Focus on Selling Your Music, not Indexing it

No more time-consuming manual processes

Boost your creativity and playlisting efforts

Build great sets of tracks combining niland's search features

What our clients say
marting guerber

Having better metadata to power our search engine was a vital process. A manual tagging was a colossal amount of work to accomplish. We needed a reliable, accurate and fast solution.

Martin Guerber, Lead Music & Content Manager of Jamendo
martin nedved

Using music to find music is easier, faster and more natural.

Martin Nedved, Managing Director of Studio Fontana
fabrice dumont

I must say it’s stellar! Niland is the first company I’ve seen who has solved the audio search issue. Great job.

Fabrice Dumont, CEO of Green United Music

How it works ?

Push Your Music. Our Technology Analyzes It. Start Powering Your System with Niland Technology.

One API To Power All Your Music Search Experiences


Plug the best audio search of the market to your website. Drop a link or just upload an Mp3, we surface your best matches.

Tag filtering

For people with no seed track in mind, you provide a search by tags that we automatically generate.

Song-to-song recommendation

Display all the similar tracks for any seed track in your catalog.

Similar style search

Build an instant sound-alike search field for your clients. From any well known artist name, we find your tracks in the similar style.

Test, debug and optimize the relevance of your results via our dashboard

Catalog Analytics

Understand your catalog and how your users interact with it (top search queries, evolution over time..).

Tagging Assistant

Review the automatic tagging of your tracks, no matter how many you have.

Music Explorer

Explore your catalog with a fully-featured music search engine and create amazing playlists.

Search Configuration

Fine-tune your similar search engine. Boost or reduce certain recommendation parameters.

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