Using AI and Audio processing, Niland solves search and recommendation problems for music companies.

Apply Niland to your use case and explore how to integrate our API.

Powerful Music Analysis

Music is full of information and this is why we transform the audio signal into actionable data. Our solution makes it easy to add music analysis to your applications. Niland API lets you easily build powerful music search and discovery into your applications by encapsulating cutting-edge deep learning-based technologies in an easy to use REST API. It finds musically similar tracks and classifies music into hundreds of labels (e.g., "hip-hop", " synthesizer", "female voice").

Niland API enables you to enrich your tracks with descriptive tags, curate and understand your content, generate consistent playlists, build smart radios, and create new experiences through music analysis.

Deliver exceptional user experiences

Increase your users’ engagement. Your users expect the fastest access to music they’re looking for. Meet their expectations with our product.

Scale up your curation efforts

Forget about the complexity of music indexation and recommendation. Automate the performance of repetitive, error prone tasks

Easy to integrate, easy to operate

Our technologies are available through a REST API. Scalability, maintenance & constant improvement, we take care of everything.

Innovative Music Companies Choose Niland

Whether you own a large catalog you monetize or stream music to end users, we have the solutions to solve your music search and discovery problems. Labels, libraries, publishers, streaming services and creative agencies use our platform.

Clients & Success Stories
marting guerber

Having better metadata to power our search engine was a vital process. A manual tagging was a colossal amount of work to accomplish. We needed a reliable, accurate and fast solution.

Martin Guerber, Lead Music & Content Manager of Jamendo
martin nedved

Using music to find music is easier, faster and more natural.

Martin Nedved, Managing Director of Studio Fontana
fabrice dumont

I must say it’s stellar! Niland is the first company I’ve seen who has solved the audio search issue. Great job.

Fabrice Dumont, CEO of Green United Music

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