Niland joins Spotify

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Niland is joining the Spotify family.

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been a pioneer in the analysis of audio using deep learning technologies. We’ve achieved our vision of enabling computers to listen to music in a human way. Understanding the music content itself was the missing link to developing more sophisticated listening experiences. The best part of our journey was hearing from our clients how they were using Niland API to create innovative products that help musicians cut through noise. We are very happy to pursue this vision within Spotify.

Spotify has changed the music industry and revolutionized music consumption in less than a decade. Spotify has succeeded at bringing the most innovative products to the music streaming market with products for both fans and artists including Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Spotify for Artists among others. We couldn’t imagine a better partner for our next chapter.

Starting from today, Niland’s team and technology will now become part of the Spotify R&D unit based in New York City. We are very proud to join this experienced team that combines cutting-edge science, engineering and design. We will keep working on new ways to better understand music to craft better innovative listening and discovery experiences.

As we start this next chapter, we want to express how truly grateful we are to the people who followed and contributed to this project along the way, with special thanks to our investor (IT-Translation), our former Incubator (Agoranov), Inflexion Points Technology Partners (our advisors for the acquisition process), Frederic Monvoisin and Fabrice Dumont (Business Angels), Didier & Levy (Legal Counsel), Bruno VanRyb (Special Advisor), David Argellies and Smiirl.

Damien, Christophe, Johan and the team.

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